Our Story


Regime NY is a luxury jewelry and accessories brand founded in New York City by designer Ariel Neman. Neman has paved Regime as a unique ascetic to the fashion market by creating timeless and innovative jewelry pieces. With there rich taste for high quality and design all pieces are made right in the heart of the fashion capital in New York City. Granting each piece to have the craftsmanship that this market is so eagerly waiting for. Envisioning a revolution to fashion allows Regime to push the mark on ingenuity by catering to both men and woman. By establishing a collection with rustic bracelets, gold roman coins draped along chains, and braided details around sophisticated cuffs. All of which adds to Regime’s vision to transform the representation of an outfit through accessories, and the art form of fashion expression.


Regime's A-List clientele includes an array of  high profile figures in entertainment and fashion, including: Jamie Foxx, Johnny Depp, Jeremy Piven, Demi Lovato, Katie Holmes, Winnie Harlow, Nick Jonas, and several others! Regime’s quality and design not only separates themselves from other notable brands, but also gives people an opportunity to set themselves apart from others. Allowing individuals to wear what speaks to them and not just go by daily trends. This accounts for celebrities, and the everyday individual to choose Regime over any other brand that is out there today.


Neman explains "the art of designing  jewelry is expounded by the ability to make a meaningful connection to the material and transform something so simple into a masterpiece."


Contact: Sales@regimeny.com